Introduction to LlanychaerCymraeg



Welcome to Llanychaer, a small village situated in the

foothills of the Presseli Mountains. I suppose, like others who live here I take it for granted, the lush green fields, clean fresh air, babbling brooks and the rushing river – it’s what we know – it’s who we are. The village is not ideal, we’ve no local shop nor village hall; what we do have however is people, a community, a spirit and an identity, along with a pub, church and chapel.

The village is located about 2.5 miles inland from Fishguard at the beginning of the beautiful Gwaun Valley. The River Gwaun runs through the village picking up offerings from its tributaries as it heads towards the coast. The geology of the area has evolved over thousands of years to give what we see today; primarily produced by glacial erosion it has evolved into a beautiful topography that has attracted thousands of visitors and admirers. The area has not been spoilt by the passage of time and retains all its natural characteristics, old rambling hedgerows, winding lanes, wind swept features and woodland walks.

Farming, the mainstay of the community has suffered over the years, but its facilitators, the individuals who toil as their forefathers have before them, still retain the will to survive despite all the adversities that have befallen them. Their proud, honest lifestyle has helped create the environment we see today.